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 Wind & Fire MC
Minutes From The Meeting

Wind and Fire Space Coast Chapter #71
October 19th, 2006

Members Present: President Scott Bynum, Vice President Alan Shirley, Von Thorne, Van Thorne, Mark Greene, Nancy Greene, and Mark Williams
Minutes recorded by Alan Shirley.

Meeting brought to order by the President.

New Business
Scott made a motion to increase the chapter dues from $ 10.00 per month to  $ 20.00 for full members and from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00 for associate members.  The new rates would start in October.  The motion included a discount. If paid by march 31st the dues for the year will be $200.00 for full members and $ 100.00 for associate members.

The motion was discussed, a vote taken, and passed.

Alan read an old copy of the bylaws and each article and section was discussed.  Several were edited and a draft will be presented at the next meeting for vote.

Scott requested a updated list from Alan of chapter members.  Alan said he would make some calls and see who is still in the chapter.

Arrangements were made for the morning ride and breakfast the day of the Biker Bash.

Old Business

Meeting adjourned.
Minutes of meeting August 22nd, 2006

Members Present: President Charlie Stephenson, Vice President Jim Dumont, Von Thorne, Van Thorne,                                                                                                                                    Ray Johnson, Mark Williams, Alan Shirley, and Michelle LaMoia.
Associate Member: Joe Pace
Visitors: Steve Payne, Bob Wilson, and Scott Bynum.
Minutes recorded by Alan Shirley.

Meeting brought to order at 8:30 PM by the President.
Charlie Stephenson announces his and Jim Dumont's resignation as President and Vice President.                                                                                                                                             Alan Shirley received the resignation letter.

 A motion was made by Alan Shirley to accept Steve Payne and Scott Bynum as members of chapter #71.  Jim Dumont made the Second.  Vote taken: The majority votes yes by raising hands.

Alan Shirley made the motion to nominate a new President and Vice president. The motion was seconded and carried.
Nominations: Ray Johnson nominated Alan Shirley for President, Von Thorne nominated Scott Bynum for President,                                                                                          and Michelle nominated Alan for Vice President.  Alan withdrew his nomination for President.   A hand vote was taken for both offices.  Scott Bynum was elected President and Alan Shirley as Vice President.   

Charlie stated that he and Jim would like to take over as co-secretary/treasurer to make the transition easier because they were already on the bank accounts.  Alan Shirley made the motion to elect Charlie and Jim for the position and relieve Mike Reinhardt of the position. The motion was seconded and carried.

Jim brought up the upcoming Wind and Fire Easter Rally. Alan stated that he would get in touch with Lynn Kirsetter, President of the Lakeland Chapter to get the details.

Alan suggested the club look into the possibility of changing the website location and get our own domain name.  Alan stated he would research the cost and present the information at the next meeting.

Alan made the motion to pay the NFLCOC dues of $100.00.  The motion was seconded and carried.  Charlie stated that he would get the cash from the account on Wednesday August 23rd.  Alan stated he would get the address from the coalition's web site and write them a personal check.

Scott suggested that dues be discussed at the next meeting.  Jim suggested that we get an accurate count on patches and rockers and get them from Mike.

Alan Shirley made a motion to support the Fire Jam financially with $400.00 from the chapter's general fund and help with the labor.  Ray Johnson made the second. Motion carried.

The date and time of the next meeting was discussed.  A consensus felt that we needed to have the next meeting soon due to the Fire Jam approaching quickly.  Bob Wilson suggested that we might be able to use the Rockledge VFW 4535 as the meeting site.  Monday September 18th @ 7:00PM was chosen for the next meeting.  Alan stated that he would meet with Bob to see if we could use the VFW.

Meeting adjourned @ 10:45PM

Wind & Fire MC
Chapter 71


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