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Article I - Purpose
To promote camaraderie among firefighters who ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles and support our community through benevolence and goodwill.

Article II - Membership

Section 1.  In accordance with the Wind & Fire MC International bylaws, a member must be a career or volunteer firefighter who is active or retired and owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Associate membership is open to anyone but they will not have voting privileges.

Section 2.  Space Coast Chapter #71 full and associate members must be at least 21 years of age and complete a probation period of 90 days.  Upon completion, a full member will receive his rocker and an associate member will receive his W&F patch.  The probation period length may be altered by a vote of the members.   

Section 3.  Prospective members must be voted in by a majority of the full members at a regular meeting. A quorum consisting of at least 3 full members and one officer must exist.

Section 4.  All members are encouraged to attend at least two of the following events each year.

Vietnam moving wall escort
Fire Jam
Big brothers/Big sisters Biker Bash
Warlock Prisoner Party
Wind & Fire Southern Rally

Article III - Dues

Section 1.  Chapter Dues are $ 20.00 per month for full members and $ 10.00 per month for associate members.  If dues are paid for the full year before March 31st, the dues for full members will be $ 200.00 and $ 100.00 for associate members.

Section 2.  Members will be considered "not in good standing" if dues have not been paid after three months and will forfeit their voting privileges.  

Section 3.  Members who have not paid after four months will relinquish their rocker.

Article IV - Officers
Section 1.  The officers will consist of the following:

President:  Conducts meetings and is responsible for the overall operation of the chapter.
Vice President:  Supports the President and assumes his duties in his absence.
Secretary/Treasurer: Records minutes from meetings and handles all money and books.

The following positions are appointed by the President:
     Sergeant at Arms:  Enforces Chapter rules.
Chaplain:  Performs duties as directed by the President.

Section 2.  Chapter officers will be elected every two years on even years.  The elections will take place by secret ballot and will take place during the second week in November.  The term of office will be from January 1st to December 31st.

Section 3.  Any full member in good standing may nominate any another member for office, provided, the nominated member is in good standing.  A member may be nominated for more than one office but may not hold more than one.

Section 4.  An officer may be voted out during the term of office by a unanimous vote of the members during a regular meeting.  A quorum of at least 50% of the voting members must exist.

Article V - Conduct

Section 1.  Conduct by any member that discredits the chapter will not be tolerated. The Sergeant at arms and the President will determine the disciplinary action.

Section 2.  Members are responsible for their guest's actions at Wind & Fire events and gatherings.

Section 3.  The President or Sergeant At Arms may recommend the removal of a member.  A vote must be taken at a regular meeting where at least 50% of the members are in attendance.  A majority vote for removal is required. If a member is removed, he agrees to relinquish the chapter rocker.

Section 4.  Members will wear their colors in accordance with the Wind & Fire International MC bylaws.

Article VI - Finance
Section 1.  The chapter finances are the responsibility of the finance committee. The finance committee will be composed of the President, the Secretary/treasurer, and one other member voted on by the members.

Section 2.  The Secretary/treasurer will keep an accurate account of all funds paid and received and will provide a statement to the members at all regular meetings.  The President or the third member of the finance committee may request a statement at any time.

Section 3.  All dues will be deposited in the chapter general fund.

Section 4. The members must approve any expenditure over $100.00.

Section 5.  Any and all funds received for charitable contributions will not be deposited in the chapter general fund at any time.

Article VII - Modification of the Bylaws
These bylaws may be altered or revised by the members at any regular meeting.  A quorum of 50% of the voting members must be present and a majority must approve the change.

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